Meet the Parents – Christmas Edition

A quick guide on how to survive your first Christmas with your new man’s family.

We can never change the first impression. Keep this thought in your head, if your dream man has just invited to you to a Christmas dinner with his family. Goosebumps and palm sweating are the usual symptoms of an anxiety attack, especially if you have nothing to wear. The future of your relationship may depend on this moment.

Before leaving the house on the important day, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it elegant?
  2. Does it make me look natural?
  3. Does it show my all attributes?
  4. Do I feel confident in it?
  5. Will it wrinkle a lot?
  6. Does it speak for me?

wardrobe dilemma

All these questions are very important because you don’t want try too hard but at the same time, you want to have a perfect outfit. Here are some tips you can follow…

The Dress is Your Best Friend

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You want to express yourself, not embarrass yourself. The dress is something that will be there for you instead of your friend, making sure that you present yourself perfectly. It can’t give you tips and hold your hand but it will do so much more. You will enter the party being confident and ready to impress. Choose the right dress and nothing will intimidate you. It will be like wearing your emotional support, rather than linking arms with it…

Don’t do too Much With Your Hair

When it comes to hair, you don’t want to experiment too much. A curl dipping in the soup is never a presentable scene. Keep it simple and natural. Create a nice ponytail or a creative updo, if you have slightly longer hair. With shorter styles you can create classic waves or opt for a simple, sleek and straight look that is tidy and elegant – remember a hair tie on your wrist in case you need it when you eat.

Make-up is your Second Face

This should be used as mantra. You can create a real piece of art with your make-up or turn it into a traumatic experience, not only for you but also for the others. Make sure to keep it nice and subtle. You are a woman, not a drag queen! If you’re not sure about your abilities, ask one of your friends or simply get an advice from a make-up artist. You can always find them in the big malls and shopping centres.

Don’t Become a Christmas Tree

Have you ever heard less is more? Try not to overdo it. Decide what accessories would enhance your look without making it too heavy. You can always choose between earrings and a necklace. A delicate bracelet would make your hand look more elegant and a nice watch would finish the look perfectly. Always try to match the colour of the add-ons. You don’t want to blind your possible future in laws. If you decide to use the nail polish, opt for nude colours as they can create a much more gentle look.

Now you are ready to have the dinner and shine like a real star that you are. He will just fall deeper in love with you and his parents will start checking the dates in the spring for some big event…


Daria Wasiluk currently writes for Logon Style, a UK based fashion clothing company who specialise in affordable designer clothing for the modern woman. Daria has travelled the world in the name of fashion, seeking out new trends and designs in far corners of the world and now uses her experience as a writer and fashion blogger. Visit Logon Style’s site to see their full collection of clothing and accessories.