Minecraft and its future after being bought by Microsoft

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, having being downloaded more than 100 million times on the PC version alone. The game is available on multiple platforms including PC, MAC, Xbox, Playstation, iOS and Android. It is the most popular game on the Xbox store, and is one of the top grossing apps for iOS and Android. The players and the large Minecraft community is among one of the most active and passionate in the industry for any game.


Minecraft fans are very loyal to the game with around 90 percent of customers who bought the PC version having signed into the game within the past 12 months. On the Xbox 360 over 2 billion hours of play time has been used by Minecraft players. You do not get that kind of dedication with other games, Minecraft really is a one of a kind phenomenon. Just recently Microsoft announced it has reached an agreement with Mojang the creators of Minecraft to purchase the company and the Minecraft franchise for a large $2.5 Billion dollars. As part of the deal the game Creator ‘Notch’ and other founding members will leave Mojang and not be a part of its development and growth going forward. Notch has stated on his blog that one of the big reasons for leaving is because he never intended for Minecraft to get so big, and doesn’t want to be responsible for a game of such global significance anymore.
There are mixed reactions about this announcement from Minecraft fans across the globe. Some fans are disappointed that Notch has sold out and are not happy with Microsoft owning the company. Other fans seem to be open minded about what Microsoft can bring to the table, as they have worked with Mojang since 2002 with the Xbox version of the game.
One of the reasons why the community is so large for Minecraft is the ability to share the experience with your friends, family and total strangers. This is done by connecting to a multiplayer Minecraft server that is hosted by a company. There are many different hosting services for Minecraft, if you live in Australia then you will need Australian Minecraft Hosting to connect to a server with no lag issues.

Minecraft Server Australia is the largest and oldest Minecraft Hosting Company in Australia and offers a wide variety of server plans starting as low as $10 per month. Prices for their plans go up depending on how many players and Ram you need. They give you complete control of the server to make any customisations you desire. Minecraft also recently setup ‘Minecraft realms’, a Multiplayer option for Minecraft players using Amazon’s cloud services, however there is limited options with this solution. If you want complete control of your server then having your own hosted Minecraft Server with a trusted hosting provider is the best way to go.
Whatever the future for Minecraft under Microsoft’s direction, I am hopeful that Microsoft continue to work with the passtionate Minecraft community to better its development and growth. Microsoft has stated they will continue to make Minecraft available across all platforms on which it is already available now, which is very good news to hear.


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