Minecraft on the Microsoft Hololens – Is this the future of gaming?

I’ve been closely watching the development of Hololens and being a hardcore Minecraft player, I loved seeing Minecraft on Hololens, but as awesome as this looks, is this as great as it sounds? In this article I will be going over some things I noticed.

First, it looked amazing, regardless of if you’ve played the game for years, or never even tried it, it is innovation and really shows what can be done with Hololens. If you haven’t seen the E3 video for it, I highly suggest you watch it. Microsoft have stated that it would work with a new version of Minecraft made for Hololens. They started by using Hololens as a display only, then by saying “create world” while looking at the flat surface he wanted it on, it quickly changed his world into a 3D where he could pan around and look at the world in a completely new way of looking at a world.

He could walk around the small table, even putting his head into a building to see what was inside. Hololens seems to have all console commands and as he walked around could see things like the stronghold underneath the village. By saying a few words he can teleport his player or strike lightning. With some finger controls you can easily pan around his world.

I can just imagine viewing our creations from epic angles and perhaps moderating our Australian Minecraft Servers with our hands and voice gestures. The device itself is quite futuristic in style, it is a black visual band and it looks a lot nicer than the Oculus Rift.

We need to also remember that the hololens is a work in progress and although this scripted demonstration looked polished the actual device might have a few issues on launch. Some possible concerns I have is they could Exclude the PC version. I could see Microsoft trying to make this Xbox exclusive (so only players with an Xbox can use Minecraft with the Hololens). Which will force people like me (PC Minecraft user) to buy an Xbox, or not to have it at all.

Sure from the camera angle it was fine, but when your whipping your head around, will it be nice and smooth? Or will it start to glitch out? Although this is really only a concern in the Hololens, but it would ruin the experience.


What if my room isn’t perfect? When it comes to demos of the Hololens, they would have no reason to show it off in a messy or small room, they always show it in a large room that has a huge space to put all your creations. What happens if I have a tiny room, that’s a mess, with no open spaces to put my world? Will I need to put in an empty table just for it? Will I be able to use it if I already have things on my wall? Or would I need to rearrange my entire room just to setup my Hololens?

Microsoft claim that the hololens will be released in the Windows 10 timeframe, sometime late this year or early next year. These are a few of the things I’m looking forward to and a few of my concerns. I really hope to see this technology turn out for the best.

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