Mingle and Mansome

Mingle and Mansome is designed for men and women who have the intention of taking the extra mile to look younger by reducing signs of ageing and blast bags also from below their eyes.

Their products are innovative, have an ulta-light feel with loads of fragrance and produces bold results. They will help you live long, look good and remain strong.


Mingle is a makeup line founder in 2011. It makes use of high performance and natural based ingredients. It is made for women who are looking for natural based and long lasting cosmetics with a bold color and results; cosmetics which are gentle on the skin and lips.

The ingredients used for mingle’s cosmetics will plump your skin, increase the production of collage, help your eye lashes grow stronger and longer over time.

I would recommend them to any woman who wants to eat three square meals, wear an awesome red lipstick, kiss your friend goodbye and hello, and drink plenty of water daily without having to worry about the color of the lipstick fading out.

Image is important and should not be underestimated because a greater part of the perception you have about yourself is dependent on how you are perceived by others. Mingles makeup will help you in controlling what image you project about yourself.

Mansome is an innovative skincare line for men which offers high performance and high quality results with entirely natural ingredients.

It was founded in 2011 by former model Steve Higgins and beauty expert Tina Haggins who wanted to think outside the box and change the way men take care of their skins and the result was legendary.

Mansome offers products which reduce redness and puffiness around the eyes and at the same time lock in moisture and boost the production of collagen.

Please feel free to visit them at http://mingleandmansome.com and see what products they have on offer!”