Mini GPS Tracker Review

What is Mini GPS Tracker?

 Mini GPS Tracker is a solid and the smallest GPS tracking device  that is successfully used by many public sectors, companies and personal households around the world. It allows a user to track unlimited number of objects in a real situation, generate reports and get hold of specific information that the user wants to know or find out.

This mini GPS tracker of GPSWOX software is accessible and more compatible with most smartphones and GPS devices. The device is very simple to use. What you just have to do is to add your smartphones or GPS devices and start to track your objects in just five minutes.

Product Features

  • Geofence feature.  With this feature, the GPS tracker allows the user to set up a specific location or geographic boundaries within or around the areas that are interested to you. Also, it receives an automatic alert whenever the objects leave or enter those geographic boundaries.
  • Tools and Point of interest (POI). This feature will help the user to add markers on the locations such as restaurant, gas station, shopping mall and many places that are important to you. Also, with this, you can name a specific place and give some description. Furthermore, you can use this feature in calculating the distance of the places that you want to go.
  • Mobile. It can easily access and track all the GPSWOX on your mobile or tablet. This mini GPS tracker can allow the user to download free GPS mobile tracker on the device that he is using.
  • Optional accessories. This feature refers to various tools and accessories. You can use this to get live audio and video stream to your computer and keep track of the driver assignments.
  • Fuel savings. It helps you to check the level of your tank and consumption of fuel along the route.
  • History and reports. Download and preview reports include different information such as your driving, fuel consumption and the distance travelled and stopovers. Also, group and detailed reports are also available.
  • Notifications. You can get an instant alert with important events that happen to you especially when you are on the road with the use of this GPS tracker.
  • Tracking in real time. The user can view the objects in real time, and you can use this anytime that you want and most especially it can help you to view information about a specific object.

Pros of GPSWOX  tracking software

  • Compatible to work in any GPS device.
  • You can track unlimited objects in one place.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • You can track using your mobile device.
  • Has a security for the protection of your device.


This smallest GPS tracking device is a great device that is designed to provide live tracking information while they are on the road. Furthermore, with the good features of this device, you can easily obtain information that can help you. If you are looking for a device that will truly help you, this is the device that you are looking for.