Mix Things up in our London recording studio

microphoneHave you ever been tempted to hear your own songs but maybe with a different tempo or with a more intense bass line? Maybe you were not able to truly capture the atmosphere you were looking for? Maybe you want to put your own signature onto a favourite song?

Most London recording studios offer a remix service, though what sets Fluke Productions apart in the vast amount of experience our producers have in the remix genre. Our producer remixes for radio, clubs and live performance, promising you musical versatility at a surprisingly low cost.

There is no limit to what new grounds you can master when it comes to remixes, below is a list I’ve compiled my favourite remixes of the last couple of years. What made these particular remixes stand out for me was how they not only brought out new elements of old songs but how the artists have managed to complement the initial song.

Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix):

The lyrics have been sped up slightly and a more upbeat backing track for the most part gives this remix a completely different feel. However, there are select sections where the lyrics are given their original impact.

Fun. – We Are Young (Revolvr Remix):

I really enjoy the original but I think we can all agree that it was played way too much during the last year, so to hear a remix which takes the core of the original song and the updates it is a pleasant change. This is a perfect example of how to transform a song for a different audience.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix):

This 2009 hit is a big favourite for remixes, but RAC’s remix is particularly effective of keeping to the original.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix):

You don’t have to rule out older songs either, as a wave of recent remixes has shown us, songs from the 1950s have made an appearance in the charts. This remix is a perfect homage to the original and is calming and upbeat enough for any occasion.

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