Mobile Phone Tracking – How Do These Trackers Work?

When it comes to mobile phone tracking there are quite a few options, and many kinds of services. Some use satellite GPS, others use GSM phone masts to determine location. There are also certain differences in accuracy. Services to track mobile cell phone’s do exist, however it’s not always easy to get access to them. Authorities have capabilities to track criminals phones with some degree of accuracy but quite a few factors determine this. Obviously, for a tracking device to successfully pinpoint a location, the phone would have to be actively working and switched on. A sure fine way to prevent yourself from being traced would be to switch your device off.
A sure way for a mobile phone tracker to work, is to manually install a tracking app on a target phone. A good example of this would be an employer using this type of technology to keep tabs on the location of an employee. A taxi firm could use this to know the exact location of their cabs. Another scenario would be a parent installing a phone tracking application to monitor their kid for safety reasons. In fact, not long back this was suggested by some authorities in the USA. The good news is though, once a lightweight mobile phone tracking app is installed on a target phone, it can relay some pretty accurate location information.
This is because nearly all modern smartphones are GPS enabled. Phones can be pinpointed to the nearest few metres. Amazingly this all works by the mobile phone communicating with one of the many GPS satellites orbiting the world at once. Only ten years ago, the concept of your mobile phone relaying data to a satellite would seem bizarre, now it’s become reality and who knows what technology might be seen in years to come, this technology will only better the accuracy of mobile phone tracking.