The mobile user acquisition game has changed

At the beginning of the “app era”, we developed them and it wasn’t needed too much effort to reach our users.

The growth of our download count, market apprank and ROI was something extremely easy to get and maintain.

It was the app craziness. With little effort we could reap big benefits.

Unfortunately, this era is over.

Today, with almost 3 million apps over the different markets, the game has changed. You now have to fight to get some users.

You also have to be conscious that a percentage of your budget needs to be invested on user acquisition. If you don’t invest on it, your app will have zero visibility. Is really that simple.

The good news

The great advantage here is: There are no rules yet.

Your competitors are facing the same problem as you.

With a defined strategy, the right tactics and the right tools for your app (combined with a great analytics plan), you can reach your audience.

User acquisition today

First, the most important metric was the “download count”. The main focus was to get traffic to increase that number. As we increased our download count, our apprank saw an improvement. Everything with a $0 budget!

Now, it’s important to change that mentality. You need to see the user acquisition as a medium/long term investment. And it can be very expensive. But, as a consequence, you will increase your app revenue.

However, having said this, I don’t recommend launching any campaign to get users without a very specific plan. It’s extremely important to have a clear view of who is your perfect user, which channels you’ll use to reach him, which metrics will be used to see if your campaign is failing or having success, between many other things.

The best mobile application development process starts with mobile acquisition in mind. To grow your user base you must include features within your app to let people share the experience with others.

If you’re a mobile app developer or if you’re hiring an app development studio to launch your app idea, be sure to include this on your plan.