The New MOKIBOX is Flawless, Inside and Out

The MOKIBOX WI-FI speaker is perfect for travel, the beach, or the bedroom.  It can slip in and out of your bag with ease and you never have to worry about charging, Wi-Fi or connectivity issues because this device is covered.  This is one electronic that takes care of itself.  But besides it convenient and functional exterior, it has an interior that puts the rest to shame.  It runs likes a well-oiled machine because the inside is flawlessly designed.


The inside structure is what gives MOKIBOX WI-FI speaker the ability to connect to Cloud and download audios. There for it is the creators have designated this WI-FI speaker as “Internet Speaker”.  Due to the Wi-Fi you will be transferring music seamlessly from your phone, your friend’s phone or anywhere you can connect.  This about your next party, you can call that friend with the best playlist and ask them to create your party jams, they bring the phone, connect to your MOKIBOX and it is a hit!  This is all becoming a reality due to the perfectly connected interior the MOKIBOX.


MOKIBOX will start a campaign on Kicktarter in November;find more information on their campaign page and get it in super exclusive color combos during the limited edition campaign.  Check it out

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