Morning shows have both sides, positive and negatives

Cool breeze, chirping birds and the rising sun with hopes of good and a new day ahead, this was the meaning of morning some years before. Time changed, so the meaning of morning too.

Now this trend has shifted towards the morning shows. Number of morning shows increases on channels and competition between them too.

Popular morning shows in Pakistan “Subha Sawaray Sama k sath” hosted by Sanam Baloch, “Good morning Pakistan” hosted by Nida Yasir, “Utho jago Pakistan” hosted by Shaista Wahidi and a load more.

Morning shows are properly planned. The main purpose of these shows is to make the morning of viewers natural and informative with active touch to give a new oath of life to the viewers.

Segments in morning shows include cooking recipes, home making, talking to celebrities, health tips, awareness etc.

Good and negative things are the part of these morning shows. In the beginning, the morning shows starts with an aim to entertain and make the common people learn something productive and worthwhile besides some entertainment. Today, same is not the case. Morning shows instead of keeping a helping approach, are speaking about only good looks, make-up and physical attributes and sometimes they are against our cultural values, show off elements, giving concepts of brand consciousness. There is more of crassness, extravaganza and competition rather than providing entertainment in the morning shows.

In a country like Pakistan, where utmost of the people cannot have a meal 3 times a day, by these talk shows these people are insulted.

The women tend to spend much of their time watching the morning shows. All we see in these shows is weddings, singing and dancing. The concept of the morning is totally confused and disordered.

Honestly speaking, very soon morning shows will vanish. Wearing colorful dresses and chitchatting not only creates a negative impact but it also wastes a whole three hours of the viewers. The only reason for it is the lack of variety.  Watching a useless morning show every single day wastes your time. Masses are now fed up of watching the same kind of shows. To keep morning shows alive, we passionately need to make some efforts to provide quality entertainment to the viewers. There must be a limit to these morning shows in money, talks and their number. The money should be spent for the right cause. According to me, Pakistani morning shows should focus on the inventiveness of the youth, harmony in relationships, tips to be active and confident. These shows must serve as a grooming tool for the people.

Together these hosts can make a big difference for Pakistan if they once give up their own aims and emotions for good.

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