Motorola SBSB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Review

If you wish to purchase a cable modem for surfing, you might discuss with that exactly what the best cable modem is, maybe among the best cable modems. I am happy to let you know that you’re lucky to see this short article. I do not sell cable modems and pressure somebody to purchase cable modems. I’m here to let you know exactly what the best cable modem is and do a real overview of the cable modem I lately use. Knowing and you’re using cable modem the best idea for you personally or you aren’t thinking about what the heck the very best cable modem is, then It is best to click °close” button in the right corner of IE, Cuz’ you lose among the best method to enhance your surfing experience. So anyway, let’s began it!


I transformed several cable modems before I discovered Motorola SB6121 Surfboard DOCSIS3.0 cable modem. The very first cable modem Motorola SB4100 that we leased from Time Warner. It labored fine initially, but after several weeks ago, things transformed. It lost connections often and also the internet speed was very slow. I couldn’t stay at home any longer, and so i requested Time Warner when they could change my cable modem with a brand new one. They did, although not was a very long time additionally. It performed up. My Pal explained will be able to purchase a cable modem, a dependable, stable and performance one after I was concerned about this mess. Used to do, I looked on Amazon., I discovered Motorola Surfboard SB6121 maybe suited to me.

Honestly, I did not expect much more from SB6121. I just read more reviews of the other customers. And So I made the decision to buy it. The simple truth is I designed a good purchase. The Motorola Surfboard SB6121 cable modem is really a DOCSIS3.0 cable modem, and that means you can find more than 172Mpbs download speeds and as much as 131Mbps upload speeds. In the beginning, I doubted exactly what the reviews say, however i transformed my thoughts once i plug all cables in and switched up.

I examined it. My download speeds went from 2Mbps to 17Mbps and my upload speeds from 1Mpbs to in excess of 8Mbps. But exactly what the Motorola cable modem guaranteed the utmost download speeds 172Mbps and upload speeds 131Mbps? According to this problem, I known as Motorola and also got an answer such as this: Because my Web service provider only provides DOCSIS 2. Standard services, maybe enhance your cable service will solve this issue. Whatever, I had been pleased with the upload and download speeds I acquired. It’s large move, right.

And the other factor I’m pleased with is I needn’t pay a rental fee anymore, I compensated rental fee $7 monthly, $84 yearly. Taking $84 I’m able to purchase a cable modem along with a router. Why I rent cable modem from a Web service provider, I’m not stupid. I personally use Motorola SB6121 cable modem for a long time. It’s usually good and stable. I really like it.


Absolutely, you will find more features I did not list like “Good for streaming video and gaming, status indicator, easy install and simple use” etc. everyone must find them her, easiest way is notice in the best cable modem reviews http://bestcablemodemrevies, there is a best cable modems reviews and cable modems for just about any purpose and budget. Appreciate it. Click here to view more The Best Cable modem Reviews !

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