Move on Teachers, Welcome Facilitators!

During my years of formal education, I’ve found that my best teachers were those who brought their personality, and experience into the classroom — they didn’t just teach about a subject, they opened up a conversation.

Technology has forever altered the way we learn and teach. Here we suggest five considerations for initiating a shared vision that embeds tech integration into all aspects of learning and teaching.

  1. Visionary Leadership:

All school leaders need ownership in the vision to keep the technology plan moving in the futuristic direction.

  1. Digital Age Learning Culture

Teachers are no longer the sole providers of knowledge because information is easily accessible on the Internet. Teachers need to be able to connect to their students’ digital worlds to engage and motivate them.

  1. Usage of Social Media

Learning management systems such as Moodle and Edmodo should be used by teachers. These are sites on which teachers can post work, assessments, etc. Teachers can create Podcasts as a method of delivering content and homework help via video.

  1. Digital Age Leadership

Now is the time for teachers to focus the conversation on how technology fits within their classrooms to best meet their students’ needs.

  1. Teaching vs Facilitation

The success of learning is very much dependent on how students relate to each other, and what roles the teacher and learners play. Teachers must keep their traditional devotion to students and hands-on interaction while teaching students how to navigate their 21st century world.

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