Moving computers – it could be so easy!

There are many reasons why you want to consider computer relocation.  It could be that you have outgrown your current premises. It could be that you simply need a more secure area of town for your organisation.  Information is central to any organisation, and it is essential that it is kept safe and secure. Selection of a suitable experienced company to assist you with your computer relocation will give you confidence that the equipment will be moved with the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of fuss.  Whether you are a small company just wanting to move one computer or a multi national organisation with hundreds of computers and servers, the type of IT transport used should be properly fitted out so that the equipment is secure.  It is critical that there is no business disruption and that staff have access to all the information they need during the move to guarantee continuity of service to clients.


If you are a small company with just one computer, IT transport should not be a problem.  If, however you are a large conglomerate moving lots of computers, it will be necessary for the IT transport to have proper racks for the equipment to ensure that they do not get damaged in transit.  The movers themselves should be fit and be able to do the job.  They should be experienced in their work and take the greatest effort in ensuring that all is well.  They should at the very least know how to load the equipment in a manner so that it will not shift in transit.  They should also know how to make the best use of the space available in the vehicle so that multiple journeys are not necessary.

You would be wise to check that the computer relocation company has a good track record in moving precious equipment.   They should have the relevant and adequate insurance on which you can claim if things go wrong.  It is good business practice to ensure that you get three quotations from different companies and that you provide the same information to each one. Once you have selected your computer relocation company, make sure you have a contract in place for management of the project.  This should include timescales, costs and penalties for non performance.   There should be written assurances about care and attention, and profiles of the persons who will be doing the work.  Cabling is also a consideration.  Is there sufficient cabling and connections at the new location for your equipment?  Is it in the correct place?  Will the movers just be able to plug the equipment in when it arrives, or will there be major problems?  Have you planned the office space to its maximum efficiency?

Having taken into account all of the above, carrying out your computer relocation should be straight forward and painless.  You should be in your new offices in no time and be able to carry on business as usual.

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