MRP Software experience is required for some accounting jobs

Since the economic downturn, there has been a push for many jobs that used to be done by multiple employees to be combined with other functions in order to streamline and optimize employee productivity while saving the company money on their payroll.  For accounting jobs, many functions that were once considered to be part of the purchasing and operations department is now becoming more and more part of the daily accounts payable and receivable process.  One such area of purchasing is MRP Software experience.

If you are one of the many people who have historically worked in the accounting field, you may have noticed as you apply for accounts payable or accounts receivable jobs that many companies are requiring some MRP Software experience. The accounting clerks have typically only been involved in the purchasing side of the business as the end point to acquisitions; paying the bill.  But now, assisting with inventory and materials resource planning is becoming a standard part of the accounting clerk’s responsibilities.

MRP is an acronym for Materials Resource Planning.  That is the process by which business that sell products and maintain an inventory and stock supply for purchase, uses data based on historical projections about inventory requirements in order to maintain appropriate levels of inventory in stock.  This is necessary so that a company does not overstock their inventory with items that will not sell as quickly as other products.  The alternate is equally bad; not having enough inventories on hand.  You never want to send customers away to another store to find products that you should have on your shelves.  That’s where MRP Software comes in handy.

MRP Software is designed to help businesses calculate the appropriate levels of materials in order to ensure that the company is able to meet customer demand without overstocking products that cost the business upfront costs that are not recouped quickly or even at all.  Having MRP Software helps your business to keep track of your weekly, monthly and annual materials shipping history, giving your business the ability to utilize analysis of sales trends.

If you are an accounting professional that has little experience dealing with inventory or purchasing processes, researching MRP software applications is must these days for you to successfully apply for general accounting work.  Having knowledge of MRP software will give you a leg up on the competition.


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