What is MyComms?


MyComms is a new social and community utility network that aims at bringing people together under a fun and loving atmosphere. It is a place where people come together to share their time with their community, in the spirit of love and friendship. Everybody brings something to the table, everybody gets something from the table. Nothing is off limits at MyComms, it does not matter what your needs or pain may be, what is important is that the community is pulling resources together, so that the needs of everyone is met in a fair and equitable manner. Now you might be wondering, what can I bring to the table? I am neither rich nor educated – the good news is, you don’t have to be, you don’t have to be anything, come as you are! You are human, you are a bright and shining star! You simply need the right atmosphere to bring out the best in you. In engaging with your community, you don’t have to offer or share something tangible; sharing your love, offering a smile could be all it takes, no great demand is made on anyone, no great sacrifice is needed, all that is required is a big heart, a heart overflowing with love and tenderness for others.



Everyone is sure to benefit from MyComms, because “MyComms pie” offers a realistic synergistic outcome. Everyone can grab a chunk from the pie, one can find love, another could find happiness, another could yet meet a soul mate, and another may very well find the support he/she longs for – be it someone to help you with learning a second language, someone that opens up his kitchen to others, someone offering help to the homeless, someone visiting the elderly/nursing home, someone volunteering to teach challenged children, the pie is endless in its synergistic outcome. One thing is sure, as a member of MyComms, you don’t leave as you come, you leave a better person, having touched the lives others, while letting others touch yours.


It is not enough to sign up as a member of MyComms. For the best result, add a profile picture so that members of your community can recognize you. Search for people close to you and send them friend requests. Create events that you want community members to be part of, an event must be realistic, with an organizer and a venue. It is, however, much easier to create an online group that could equally be managed offline if need be. The group should address a need or pain the community is experiencing. Once again, invite members near you to join your group and get the discussion started. There are tons of features to make life easy for members, you can chat directly with members that are your friends or you can send them messages. If you are not already a member of MyComms, what could you possibly be waiting for? Head over to www.mycomuniti.com and sign up, it takes only 10 seconds.

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