Nanotechnology That Repels Water

Of all the future technologies in sci-fi novels and movies nanotechnology is arguably one of the most
intriguing. It’s the science of manmade technology on a sub-molecular scale, one billionth of a meter to
be precise. Nanex is bringing that sci-fi into reality with superhydrophobic nano-coatings.

These aren’t microscopic robots or electronics. Nanex’s AquaShield technology is a water repellent
coating built from nano-polymers that literally scare water away. The water proofing spray works by
creating in layman’s terms an inhospitable surface for water molecules. This causes the water molecules
to increase their surface tension and make as little contact as possible. The effect is startling to say the

In their videos Nanex demonstrates everything from mud that won’t stick, to shirts that can’t get wet, to
self-cleaning cars, all by using their superhydrophobic spray, AquaShield. Possibly the most amazing
thing about these superhydrophobic coatings is that once they’ve been applied you can’t even tell
they’re there. They are 100% transparent, they don’t change the breathability of fabric, and you can’t
feel them. The only way you’ll see them is by getting water on them.

According to Nanex the AquaShield waterproof sprays are entirely eco-friendly and non-toxic. While
there are other superhydrophobic sprays available, it’s the combination of the truly transparent
waterproof coating and the environmentally responsible compound that make Nanex’s
superhydrophobic technologies the industry leader.
The waterproof spray developed by Nanex is almost entirely water, but what’s inside that water is the
cool stuff. Just a small bottle of AquaShield water repellent contains billions of nano-polymers, submolecular
man made forms. The water carries these nano-polymers into the material where they latch
on by the millions like tiny spurs to each individual fiber. Once there they’ll continue to hold for a full
two years.
The possibilities for a technology like this are endless. An athlete could use a superhydrophobic wetsuit
to dart through the water with ease. Cities could be built and last for decades without mold or water
damage decaying their foundations. Whatever the use, nanotechnology isn’t sci-fi anymore.