Natural Methods for Tattoo Removal

When we talk about natural method that means experts are going to use something that is much safer for your body and the ingredients used for this process are available at grocery stores easily. This is a home based removal technique where you need to follow pain less and safe procedures with combination of some healthy ingredients.

tatoo removal

The most common method and the most effective one is to use aloe-vera gel for tattoo removal because it has gentle appearance on skin and results will be observed within few weeks. But make sure that you apply this gel 5 to 6 times per day to get fast results.

Some most preferred natural tattoo removal techniques:

  1. Salabrasion:

The simplest and cheapest one: where you need to mix granular salt with some drops of water and apply it gently on tattoo to wipe it away with micro friction level movements. Note that, these salts are a kind of microscopic crystals so they must be applied in very precise manner in order to receive maximum benefits.

  1. Yogurt with Aloe Vera:

It will be an amazing idea if you get something that can remove your tattoo while nourishing the skin area around it; definitely an amazing solution for tattoo removal. For this, you simply need to mix yogurt with aloe vera and apply it on tattooed skin at least 4 or 5 times per day. This solution provides vitamin E to the body and works like best method for sensitive skin.

  1. The sand Powder:

Moving to a tough part of natural tattoo removal process, here we are talking about application of sand powder on your young gentle skin. If you are capable enough to resists against mild irritation for few weeks then simply use sand powder with a soft towel that is soaked in warm water and apply it gently on tattooed skin.

All these methods are useful to get your old tattoo removed from body easily as compared to laser approach. Those who have much sensitive skin type and do not wish to get pain again are advised to take benefit from these natural tattoo removal techniques.