What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the first solution to deliver on the promise of intelligent, integrated and simpler applications for growing midsize businesses.

NetSuite aids companies to manage key business processes, all on a single platform. No hardware, no up-front license and no maintenance fees, no complex steps are associated with this hardware or software.

NetSuite offers a better financial system that includes flexible financial reporting, allocations, consolidation, basic budgeting and revenue recognition. Some customization is required if you need allocations based on actuals.

Additionally, NetSuite provides powerful financial/accounting capabilities, which may efficiently help all of your back-office operations. It is straightforward to use, customizable to your business needs, and can be implemented quickly if needed. NetSuite is an all-inclusive business suite which includes all elements of ERP. In short, NetSuite is an online business application that will help you to better manage your organization.

The NetSuite business management software performs both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer relationship management) roles. This horizontal package is intended for a wide range of industries. NetSuite Financials system collaborates with enterprise back-office, and sales processes.

NetSuite Financials deals with applications for financial accounting, reporting analytics, payment management, order, billing, supply chain and inventory management. Financial information across the NetSuite is accessible through a browser or a mobile device.

NetSuite runs on a range of Internet browsers. ERP integrates business functions into a shared database, enabling reports to be more accurate. This increases efficiency of companies to perform better business decisions.

Why NetSuite?

Cloud Business Software

Comprehensive functionality with industry-specific support aids NetSuite work the way business works. NetSuite reduces costs and hassle for IT. Data model delivers entire visibility and simplified integration.

Built-in Flexibility

NetSuite makes it flexible to adapt quickly to changes in the business system. With every upgrade in NetSuite system, configurations and customizations can migrate efficiently.

Business Intelligence for Free and for All

Users must be aware of their business operations, with easily accessible reports and KPI’s. Important business data is managed and displayed from right within the system.

Commerce-Ready ERP

Core business is made ready for customers with a customizable, customer-specific, and pixel perfect range.

Designed for a Modern Company

NetSuite is specifically made suitable for modern enterprises dealing with Cloud, mobile and social based systems.

Unify Business Processes across the Enterprise


With Accounting/ERP and eCommerce, business functions viz. sales, finance, purchasing and employee management across all departments can be automated. All the employees can view and share data among different departments in real time, increasing overall productivity.


Increase Visibility for Better Decision Making


Dashboards are customized with performance metrics, thus encouraging timely decisions of business. Additionally, visibility into customer records aids in efficient personalized sales and service processes.


Extend Processes to Customers, Suppliers, and Partners


NetSuite extends self-service portals work through B2B and B2C collaboration. Additionally, proactive notification of partner-specific events enhances process cycles and responses.


Customize and extend NetSuite with SuiteFlex


NetSuite’s advanced customization allows you to tailor business practices and processes to meet specific requirements. This feature makes it one-of-its-kind application.


Get Superior Value with an Affordable Solution


NetSuite proffers affordable pricing, and integrated support packages. It provides professional educational services that ensure efficient and long-term implementation.

Who can use NetSuite?

Anyone. NetSuite built this advanced business system for the modern company. You don’t have to be technically savvy to use this intuitive platform. No matter if you sell organic produce or new medical equipment, NetSuite software has been implemented across every industry since 1998, in both B2B and B2C markets. If you implement it properly, every department in your company will be able to use NetSuite for their daily tasks.

What can NetSuite be to your business?
NetSuite has the potential to transform your business by making your company more efficient, and therefore, more profitable. Here are some of the advantages of taking your business to the cloud with NetSuite:
1.      Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
2.      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
3.      Ecommerce support that facilitates the efficient exchange of data within all retail channels
4.      Real-time financial management controls, including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budget management, and financial reporting
5.      Improved supply chain and inventory management through a seamlessly integrated procure-to-pay process
6.      Valuable employee management and productivity monitoring capabilities via NetSuite’s unique role-based permissions
7.      Increased customer satisfaction and expedited order processing with NetSuite’s extensive order and inventory management solutions.


Some of key NetSuite ERP features include:

  • Accounting,
  • Dashboards
  • Inventory and Sales Order Management
  • CRM Analytics,
  • Ecommerce
  • Multi-Language, Currency and Company
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Data Import/Export,
  • Mobile Access,
  • Integration with Microsoft Office & Outlook
  • Workflow engine

NetSuite is intelligent.


It maintains entire data in a single database, enabling access to key performance metrics on a real-time dashboard. This feature makes NetSuite perform better and make faster decisions.


NetSuite is integrated.


Netsuite successfully integrates CRM and Ecommerce capabilities with ERP and self-service portals for partners. This feature enables companies to combine fragmented data and automate processes.


NetSuite is simple.


NetSuite is simple. Its implementations are faster and economical when compared to conventional business applications.


Netsuite Key advantages include:

  • Enterprise wide business software platform, the suite possesses the perfect balance of application and product depth.
  • ERP dashboards are flexible and impressive.
  • NetSuite believes that role-based application is different from other ERP systems.
  • Thin-client solution is constructed for Internet delivery.
  • NetSuite deals with strong market leadership.
  • Several industry specific market solutions.

Streamline HR

Free to choose between NetSuite solutions or NetSuite integrated partner ecosystem, enjoy entire HCM capabilities and processes by offering integrated recruiting, HR and payroll.

Maximize Productivity and Morale

Maximize productivity of enterprise by improving management satisfaction and retention that allow employees to perform, and track transactions effectively.

Minimize Payroll Headaches

NetSuite is capable of managing and reducing payroll administration and risk of errors.

Inspire Sales Teams

Assigning incentive management methods on their performance inspires sales team.


NetSuite combines financials/ERP, CRM and ecommerce, all in a single system. It is perfect for creating targeted, valuable business applications. It enables:

  • High-performance, free Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure
  • Development tools and practices to design industry-specific applications
  • Technical sales support for jumping into new vertical markets.
Take advantage of the fast-growing SaaS market

Building SuiteApp app on NetSuite enables:

  • Fully integrated accounting/ERP, and ecommerce management software suite with APIs
  • Cooperation on road maps, and joint roadmap planning
  • Complex technical services
  • Co- and joint marketing programs
  • Sales co-selling engagements.
Seize a big business opportunity

With NetSuite, it is easy to reach the wide user base, including core market enterprises and divisions around the world.

NetSuite makes it easy

With the NetSuite platform, development environment is made profitable.

Job Trends

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NetSuite Training

Imagine yourself building a successful career at NetSuite—working alongside an MNC to help achieve their business goals with the industry’s leading ERP, CRM, and other professional services automation (PSA).

NetSuite Training at Mindmajix is constructed to be highly interactive. The training sessions are taught by seasoned instructors, who are experts in their field. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions, express opinion, and engage in text chats for doubts clarification.

Final Word…

NetSuite is aiming at brewing, outsourced manufacturing, and advertising.

NetSuite’s added benefit is the integration of key business processes that even traditional ERP typically lacks, like CRM, e-commerce, order management, and human resources management. For most customers, the biggest advantage is having one integrated system that delivers financial, sales pipeline, and overall operational visibility.



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