New 100% Mold Free Bath Toy Organizer

If you have kids you know they like to have all the toys in the bath. And afterwards they are all over the bath tub soaking wet and you have to leave them there to dry.

But by having The Bath-Buddy (a bath toy organizer) it means your kids toys won’t be left all over the bathtub or the floor. It will also encourage your kids to clean up after themselves and you don’t have to worry about dirty mold growing on the bath toys.

That’s because the Bath-Buddy is free draining, and easy to keep clean, which means you bath toys can dry naturally, and this helps eliminate the possibility that mold can grow on the toys.


The bath-buddy has two suction cups which hold the bath net securely on the bathroom tiles or shower, making it simple and easy to install. The bath net can also easily be removed when needed. It also comes with two extra hooked suction cups which can be used to hold other bathroom accessories such as scrubbing brushes meaning that the Bath-Buddy caters for both kids and adults bathroom needs.

Here is what one happy customer said:

The Bath Toy Organizer helps keep the toys out of the bottom of the tub. I like it because it helps dry out the toys and they don’t get moldy. After getting this one home and putting it in our only bath tub it makes it a lot nicer for the person that gets in right after my granddaughter. Before we had this the next person would have to shake out all the toys as best they could and put them next to the tub until the next time my granddaughter comes over. Now I just have her put them in the bag which is nicely hanging on the wall with the strong suction cups and nothing is in anyone’s way. After seeing her toys in it I kept thinking of a bunch of other uses for the suction cupped bag. I kept thinking how nice would it be if all my products were hanging on the wall in the tub instead of trying to find where my son has moved my stuff. It would be nice if all I all my stuff at my finger-tips. I think I am going to have to buy at least one more if not 2 more.”

So if you want to create a tidier bath time, then the bath toy organizer could be the answer to creating a tidier and more organized environment for you and your kid.

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