Noise Canceling Headphones for planes, train, and tube

Noise Canceling Headphones for planes, train, and tube

If your a frequent flyer, or commute daily above ground or even below ground in the tube, then you will definitely will understand the problem of enjoying your favorite music with the massive ambient noise coming from the outside.

External Noise

Ambient noise is noise from the tube, the engines, and in the case of planes that’s whopping big engines and that’s alot of noise. So how on earth can you listen to those soft melodies, the engine noise will definitely drown out the music.

Well you have my sympathies and well there is a solution as well. And it’s not very costly (depends what you term as cheap or value for money), but at under L300 you can buy top spec, hi-end best noise cancelling headphones and earphones.

So you can say bye bye to the noisy journeys and say hi babes to an all encompassing relaxing trip, whether you off to work, or jetting off to hong kong or an a honeymoon to the beaches of cuba.

noise canceling headphones

Choices and Options

Like all products, when it come to choosing the noise canceling there are lots of options.

Example do you want in ear / or on-ear headphones. The in ear are tiny and very transportable, but probably not as loud as the on-ear due to the smaller casing and thus smaller speaker driver unit. On the other hand the on/over ear performance wise are much better than in-ear and also are not too bad when transporting as most of them are foldable and many come with a carry case.

The other things to look at is performance, so you can surf the net to read reviews, a good site for this is the Headphones & Earphones Acoustic specialist.


Then there is a price, generally the price varies from between L100 to L300. Try not to go for cheap and nasty. End of the day the amount of money you spend equates to the build quality and performance of what you buy. Spend a little bit more to get assured performance and robust build. You don’t want to buy a headset that will crack on a fall.


Any noise cancelling cans should sound great. That’s a must. If the bass, treble is not upto scratch, then it’s not upto scratch. Again generally the top brands will delivery the performance to rock n roll your music and you.

Build Quality

Build Quality is another big factor, generally the big brands like bose, sennheiser, sony, jvc do come up with the build quality. But again do check the reviews before buying. As there can be alot of variations between models of the same brand, and from brand to brand.


This is an important one, if your traveling you of course need portable headphones, that are easy to carry when not in use. Make sure your headphones fold up, and that the headphones come with a carry case as well, so that you can put away in a rucksack or briefcase.

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