Nucig – One of the Best on the market

Nucig electronic cigarettes are on sale and one of the best on the market. They provide

Three different kits, the starter, the basic and the full.


The Nucig starter kit comes with a battery recharger, supply of batteries, flavour kits

atomizers, and the batteries will complement the Cartomizer Outlets refills. The Nucig

does not contain any tobacco, therefore there are no carcinogens or cancer-causing

agents that are drawn into the lungs of the smoker.


The Nucig operates like a standard a standard tobacco cigarette, except that the

product is not lighted by a match or lighter. Instead the atomizer inside is activated

when the smoker inhales. The liquid inside the flavour package is heated and releases

water vapour which enters the lungs. The water vapour contains nicotine and whatever

flavour selection has been chosen.


The Nucig is safe to use in public areas, it also helps smokers wish to quit by allowing

them to adjust down the nicotine levels while still providing a smoking sensation.

A single Nucig can be used 20 or more times compared to the single use of a tobacco



The release of the Nucig and their latest line of products allows smokers a safer, less

expensive alternative to cigarettes.


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