Nurse Assistant Training

Although it is rarely considered interesting, studying a profession in the field of healthcare can be rewarding and fulfilling to an insightful and sensitive person with a capacity for caring.

Earning a degree as a certified nurse with CNA Now is the fastest means to gain entry into the health field and there are many options to acquire training to become a certified nursing assistant.

The usual path to obtaining a certification as a nursing assistant is either a general college or a local college. The course would run from between 4 to 12 weeks and prepares you for your final exam. This is a short time investment which will ultimately yield a rewarding career.


Nursing assistants are such in high demand now that once their training has been completed, there are abundant of employment choices available to absorb them. Training for a certified nursing assistant can be undertaken while still employed elsewhere.

The successful completion of a training to become a certified nursing assistant does not necessarily mean the completion of one’s career in the health services profession. On the contrary, furthering your training by obtaining a certification is a part and parcel of your career path. For this reason, promotions in the healthcare profession are given to certified nursing assistants.

The requirements for the certified assistant training program are as follows: a GED or a diploma from high school is mandatory and you must be above the age of 18. Applicants with criminal records will be rejected. A tuberculosis test is also mandatory before entry into the training program.

The nursing assistant training program is divided into separate groups. These groups are lectures, clinical studies, and laboratory work. A test will be taken at the concluding part of the training and must be passed to be awarded the necessary certification.

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