Obtaining the American Dream through Social Networking

Regardless of the country that you live in, the concept of achieving the “American Dream” is one that almost everyone knows and understands. It is a universal term that encompasses the values of flexibility, opportunity for prosperity and success, and the ability to achieve upwards social mobility and become financially secure through hard work and determination. empowrWhiteBG00Empowr is a new social network that is attempting to build a democratic social economic climate via the internet that will permit individuals from all over the world to experience the American Dream.

How does Empowr’s Social Network Operate?

Empowr offers its customers the chance to operate in an economy that is run in a reasonable and democratic manner. This means that customers will certainly have the ability to market themselves and their skills to others in order to generate cash via the Empowr platform. This social sharing permits customers to make connections on a further degree rather than the shallow ones that are more typical on the giant social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not only will Empowr users have the ability to earn money from their contributions to the site, but the will also have the ability to select and vote for the President of the service company also. This is feasible with Empowr’s business design that is suitably named a “demporation”– democratic corporation. This means they permit both their users, their workers, and their shareholders to participate in voting for the Head of the company – with all votes being 100% equal. Empowr does this in order to offer individuals the possibility to choose somebody who will represent them relatively and properly. So many federal government structures all over the world represent their individuals inadequately and the voices of those on the margins are rarely heard. Empowr wants to fix this by making an environment where customers are all on equal footing and every voice is listened to.

As Empowr and its economic climate grows, the exchange of cash, products and services must be kept track of. The demporation model mentioned earlier takes this into account and allows all users to have a say in just what their cash is used for and what it will pay for through the election of the company President. Getting in touch with good friends and posting pictures is one thing, but Empowr offers a social website that allows people everywhere to discuss socially, earn money, develop skills, and have a say in a way the Empowr economic climate is run. If all goes according to plan, the American Dream will ultimately be attained through Empowr as users are able to earn real money, gain genuine capabilities, and express their influence on a level playing field.

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