On a global scale, standardize the currency in a virtual currency, is already a reality. The demand and popularity of this virtual currency, has created true paradigms within schemes netizens. The digital impact on the cyber world is profound. The digital platform used is an open software. With virtual trasacciones is created and other digital lifestyle feeds. The use of this currency is not limited to businesses and developers but also stuck open codes. Very important is the ability to change coins online through a platform that is user friendly and easy to use. Everyone benefits with the bitcoin, the other coins and wallet P2P platform, businesses and e-commerce agents.

There is a big difference between operating with credit cards and operate with bitcoins. When you pay at the restaurant with your credit card, the waiter takes your credit card, and in 5 minutes can make many purchases that person while you did not have your credit card with you. As well as your credit card can be cloned, the number provided to people without good intentions and even easy access pin code of only 4 digits (depending on the issuing bank) can be transferred and you have great economic losses that can destabilize your financial situation.

While the transaction in bitcoins, electronic currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, NXT, Peercoin, Darkcoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Bitshares PTS, Blackcoin, Reddcoin there is the same risk as with credit cards.

A virtual wallet platform with a non-transferable to third, transaction encryption system, secure password system, unique is impossible to happen.


Just as during the years of its creation were emerging various virtual coins platform use, there is process of development to continue generating quoted value, every day, with the various movements of dividends in all wallets new coins world.

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