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Less than 48 hours ago, I found an Android app that caught my attention: The P2P Wallet. This is an Android Wallet with multiple currencies, including blackcoin, darkcoin, litecoin, namecoin, peercoin, dogecoin and bitcoin. Those who read my blogs know that I am active when it comes to bitcoin, which is one of the coins you really think.


I was surprised to see a purse Android bitcoin actually included. I asked about P2P or P2P Wallet Bank and got very good references. I found groups, sites, videos, explanations and concepts.


The Android Wallet is linked to the P2P Wallet website, where you can send and receive blackcoin, darkcoin, litecoin, namecoin, peercoin, dogecoin and bitcoin. Well, this all sounds very exciting and seems to be a perfect solution. After all, the portfolio is called P2P and therefore must be a peer to peer portfolio. The website is related to the Android application and P2P Wallet is a website with a name for new members. This is a brilliant idea when trust and money is secure.


So, speaking of security, we will get to that part of the website. Registration is simple: email, password and pin. It’s pretty easy.


On with the positive aspects of the site: easy registration, SSL, send and receive money on the web and Android for multiple currencies. Great! I tried the deposit and withdrawal options, as well as sending money. All these features function perfectly. Based only on these, P2P Wallet is a good solution for loose change for coffee or to show friends the possibilities for coins encryption.


The link redirects to a page where the operation of the application is shown.


Ok, my first reaction was there are links to the Google+ homepage. They will redirect to the same page.


This is not a big deal, after all the site transfers money for free! Without interest or commission. P2Pwallet has an additional feature that allows sending and receiving of crypto currencies.


Loans also a feature where members can borrow and pay interest crypto currencies 1% per day. So you only need an email address and you pay 1% interest per day. The site offers a savings plan! This is correct.


If you deposit 100 365 Bitcoins 345.17973618 days you will receive in return. You can also save only for a day, a week or any number of days to deposit their coins in P2P crypto Bank. At this point, the total amount of loans must exceed the amount of savings. P2P is a great idea and makes life easier and safer.

Visit our official web page:   https://www.p2pwallet.cc/


Download our app on your android: https://p2pwallet.cc/download or Google Play P2P Wallet



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