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The true unsung heroes of the internet, hosting companies work largely in the shadows to provide the world with access to all the fantastic content available online. As anyone who has done much on the internet is certainly aware, quality hosting companies are the backbone of the seemingly invisible infrastructure that allows the internet to function. Relying on the hard, tireless work of dedicated and exceptionally reliable individuals, quality web hosting companies pull together a wealth of technology, engineering, computer science, and networking knowledge to create startlingly efficient services that allow the global 24/7 nature of the worldwide web to continue running unimpeded.

It is with this titanic challenge in mind that, back in 2007, PAC Web Hosting took the plunge into the highly competitive realm of website hosting. Their services include basic shared hosting packages, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, domain name registration, SSL Certificates, and more. With a data centre located in the United Kingdom, PAC Web Hosting is an ideal selection for anyone who operates out of the U.K. or is primarily dealing with internet traffic from the U.K.

A Look At Different Types Of Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting commonly offered by hosting companies. The simplest and usually cheapest form of web hosting is usually referred to as shared hosting. A shared hosting service is when a web hosting company takes a large server and sections off small segments to sell as hundreds or even thousands of different hosting packs. With such a set up, a single server or a segment of a data centre can handle a huge number of websites. Shared hosting accounts are excellent for simple websites or lower-traffic websites, but often lack high storage capacity or large bandwidth allotments. They also tend to be somewhat restricted in terms of their functionality to the web master, whose access is usually limited to a service such as cPanel, an FTP client and so forth. They’re enough to build websites, but not enough to get a programmer’s hands dirty with server configuration or installing software on the machine itself. PAC Web Hosting basic website hosting packages are analogous to a shared hosting service.


On the other hand, the Virtual Private Server or VPS is sort of an evolution of shared hosting. While still technically a form of shared hosting in the sense that typically multiple VPS are operated on a single physical server, a VPS offers far more control that a simple shared hosting package. In a VPS set up, servers are equipped with software to emulate unique server installations for each customer, effectively emulating a virtual server. This allows each VPS client to customise his or her server in any manner desired, install personal software, change configuration files, and operate as if working on a dedicated server.


PAC Web Hosting offers Fully Managed VPS solutions, which includes complete care over the security of the server, all hardware concerns, network administration and more, freeing you from worrying about your servers and keeping you able to focus on your business.

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