Pakistani Dramas in 2015

It is quite surprising that the Pakistani TV dramas have gained fame around the globe. As in the previous year Pakistani dramas has lost the repute because of lack of good writers and scripts. But once again Pakistan has come in the competition in producing the best dramas. Here is the list of dramas that were on-aired on TV in year 2015

  1. Aye Zindagi (HUM TV)

The story of the drama is written by Saira Arif and directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi. It sheds a light on the family having daughters and then she adopts a boy.

  1. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai (A Plus)

 This story is written by Khalil-ur-Rehman and directed by Mehreen Jabbar.  It is a love story that follows the lives of two lovers.

  1. Ishq Parast (ARY Digital)

The drama shows the story of a child who was neglected by their parents because of separation between them. It shows the effects that how the neglected child has hatred filled in him which in result harm others.

  1. Zid (Hum TV)

“Zid” is written by Bee Gull and Directed by Adnan Wai Q, and produced Momina Duraid & Mehroz Karim. It is story of a strong girl who is very clear about what she desires in her life. She has the guts to stick to her goals. She was stubborn and her stubbornness is because of her father’s extraneous love and care.

5.   Ahista Ahista (Hum TV)

Ahista Ahista was produced by Momina Duraid and it was the wonderful story. Ever young Adnan Siddique was the lead male character. It was the common story of human society but it gained the interest of viewers till the end.

6.   Bashar Momin (Geo TV)

Bashar Momin was the most expensive drama and most popular drama of the Geo TV. The story was based on the gender differences.

7.   Babul Ki Duaen (ARY)

It was the story of a father having five daughters, who faces lots of problems in his life. It was the typical story but a complete family drama.

8.   Digest writer (HUM TV)

Digest Writer, a story of ambitious girl named farida, belongs to lower-middle class family. Farida faces difficult times and it was her hope and aim to become a digest writer which may help to overcome the financial problems. It was by one of the most famous writer Umera Ahmad and directed by Ahmad Kamran.


The conflict between the couple leads to the separation. Jazib goes for second marriage. It was the different story which gives a new perspective of a stepmother.

This Pakistani drama was written by Amna Mufti and directed by Misbah Khalid.

  1. Mol( HUM TV )

Story of a successful bureaucrat, Sheharyar (Faisal Qureshi) who lives his life in his own ways. He comes across Eman (Naveen Waqar) in fell love with her at first sight. It was written and directed by Amna Mufti and Ilyaas Kashmiri.

  1. Karb

Story of (Armeena Rana) who was brought up with love and care and then who married to a middle class man. But the relation didn’t last longer because of the ego of her mother who is a status conscious woman.

  1. Paiwand

Sana Javed has played a role of typical and miserable girl in the drama. The drama had very gripping story.