Pasqualina Astrologer Scam

A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at ...

A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time in New York City, New York, USA (Longitude: 074W00’23” – Latitude: 40N42’51”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world has never been short of scams and frauds, and probably never would be. Deception and exploitation can play havoc with your valuable money and invaluable time, in exchange of false hopes which won’t take long to shatter. With the amazing flexibility and anonymity offered by online marketing, today we can find hundreds of fake astrologers and fortune-tellers in the cyberspace trying to live off your hard-earned money. Many claim that the famous online astrologer Pasqualina is also such a fraud, and their claims are backed up by undeniable evidence as concrete proof against her.

Despite having its roots in a highly systematic form of predictions based on astronomical observations, astrology has degraded to a considerable degree during recent times. Historical records show that astrology has been used to make surprisingly accurate predictions at times, both in the west and in the east. Although it’s hard to testify the validity of such reports, anybody with some common sense can understand the fraud going on with Pasqualina, who nevertheless tries to convince people through her philosophical sayings such as “We have to admit that the irrational world is fantastic, magic and inspiring”.

“Pasqualina”, meaning “Easter’s child”, is the name taken by a fake astrologer from France. While some say that a man is running the website, others believe that Pasqualina is nothing other than a computer programmed for deceiving innocent people. The second concept is more probable, as far as the e-mails sent out by Pasqualina are taken into consideration. Generally, Pasqualina starts by providing you with a personal report of your ‘upcoming fortune’ for about $10. Despite being about 17 pages in length, it doesn’t include any specific details about you. Subsequently you have to submit your own horoscope, along with other details such as your favorite color and zodiac sign, in exchange of a confirmation number.

In the hope of learning more about your fortune, you have to keep on paying increasing sums of money, in exchange of just more and more junk mail. Sometimes Pasqualina may charge exceptionally large amounts for a special “Occult Magical Power Ritual” to heed off the omens covering your fortune. Victims who compared the e-mails they received have found that they are almost identical, except for minor changes in the wording. They are all based on the same sort of rubbish: lottery winnings, instant fortunes and the need to rid yourself of ‘negative vibrations’ against your fortune. The only significance of Pasqualina is that her rates are much lower than those charged by others of her type.
The human mind is naturally inclined to believe in fortune and other concepts beyond its perception. However, you should be intelligent enough to safeguard yourself from obvious scams as Pasqualina astrologer. Although it’s quite difficult to take legal action against these types of online frauds, they can be easily defeated by raising awareness against them in the online community. Many helpful review sites and blogs have already undertaken the job, which can tell you much more about the Pasqualina astrologer scam.

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