Peaks – The Best Nipple Cover in the Market

If you are looking for a high quality nipple cover, the best choice for you might be the all-new Peaks. Leaving your nipples prominent could be embarrassing and the fabric can trigger irritation to your unhealthy. The best solution to this issue is to make use of nipple covers.

These cute and useful intimate accessories for women are small but innovative and they are very useful that they can truly help women avoid those embarrassing moments. These covers help you protect your nipples from rashes, infection and irritation. With these small covering for your nipples, you even have the option not to wear a bra since you know that your nipples are covered and protected.

If you love sports, and you are a very active individual, then it means you need to wear some tight clothing that is typically made from thin and stretchy material. Sports clothing is usually supportive and thin materials that fit close to your body. It can trigger one thing for your nipples. It can either make them stand out or the shade of your nipple is likely to be visible through the cloth. You may think of wearing a bra instead but this can just make you feel uncomfortable and it is very impossible to wear a bra under a sport clothing just conceal that awkward look.


Since sport clothing is very tight and it comes too close to your skin, the ridges of your nipples may show and it can even when they are not erected. It can even become a more embarrassing problem when the material is wet when you sweat or swim. But, you don’t have to worry because Peaks is here to rescue you. This nipple cover will help you prevent these uncomfortable and embarrassing problems. These tiny nipple covers are available in different sizes and colors to choose from, giving you the freedom to choose the best one according to your breast shape and your discretion requirements.

Peaks fit comfortably and they are guaranteed good and safe for your skin. These are discreet and they are perfect to wear even under thin and tight clothing. Peaks effectively work as a rash guard, ensuring that your nipple aren’t excessively rubbed and irritated. They prevent your nipples from drying out and they also aid in preventing infection and chafing. These comfy and discreet adhesive coverings can be worn at anytime and anywhere.

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