Period tracker app

If you want to increase your chances of conceiving, avoid becoming pregnant, or you want an easy way of tracking your menstrual cycle, Period and Ovulation Tracker will help you achieve all of these and a lot more. It is a free app that improves upon itself as more data is entered into it.

With this app, women who want to keep track of their period can do the following:

  • Enter the most popular symptoms of PMS that they exhibit
  • Observe the menstrual flow; heavy, medium, low or spotting.
  • Take note of the start, end dates and duration of their period.

In addition to that Period tracker app can also:

  • Calculate and predict period dates in the future
  • Show the history of menstrual cycles in the past
  • Maintain a complete period diary.
  • Store each entry made by the user as a text note.


For women who desire to get pregnant, the Period and Ovulation app comes in handy and will provide the following features:

  • Indicate the most fertile days when the chances of conceiving are very high
  • It will give a detailed graph and chart of cervical mucus, position, BBT, firmness and opening.
  • It will notify the user about the particular day they need to do a pregnancy test.
  • It allows users to make record of intimate date of unprotected/protected sex to determine whether you are correct in the timing to get pregnant.

Apart from the ovulation calendar and the ovulation calculator features, there are other benefits of using this app.

All the charts generated by the app can be exported via email to update your record with your doctor.

If you are already pregnant, there are some very useful information the app has to offer you. The Period and Ovulation tracker will calculate your date of delivery and also provide some idea of how your baby is developing.

This app is also useful for women who do not want to get pregnant:

  • It can calculate the dates when you do not need to have unprotected sex by using fertility awareness methods.
  • It will also notify you about it ahead of time so that you will remain alert.
  • It will also alert you about birth control.

Here are some benefits of using the Period and Ovulation Tracker:

  • It has a user friendly screen. You only need to tap on a date to enter a data.
  • It allows users to manage period logs of all the current and previous cycles
  • It has a native and simple calendar view which displays all the important dates for a whole month.
  • It has a help center that contains plenty of information concerning charting BBT, menstrual cycle, OPK test, saliva ferning, and cervical mucus.

Everything that is required is now only a click away with the application that tracks period and ovulation. Kudos! to the fertility and health of women. Download this amazing app, enjoy it and recommend to your friends, acquaintances, and all the ladies you come in contact with.



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