Period Tracker

Introducing Period Tracker App: A Feature-Loaded iOS App that is Laser Focused On Helping Women Track Their Reproductive Health

Featuring a Period Diary, Ovulation Calculator and Calendar to BBT Charts and more, Period Tracker App, a first-of-its kind iOS app for women, is choc-a-bloc with features.

Period Tracker App, a reproductive health app that helps women track their menstrual and fertility cycles on their iPhones and iPads is now available at the App Store for free

According to Yale University School of Medicine’s online anonymous survey of 1,000 women (ages 18-40), about 50% of reproductive-age women had never discussed their reproductive health with a medical provider and about 30% visited their reproductive health provider less than once a year or never.

While Period Tracker App does not claim to be a replacement for a real medical practitioner, its various features help women become more aware about their reproductive health. The app accomplishes this through its user-friendly interface and a knowledge base that is packed with useful information.

Features include:

Tracking Menstrual Cycles: Women can manage period logs of all the previous and current cycles. The app makes accurate predictions about future period dates and notifies users beforehand. It also allows them to enter PMS symptoms and flow information.

Tracking Ovulation Cycles: The app calculates the ovulation date based on BBT, ovulation symptoms, cervical mucus, OPK test data and saliva ferning. All the data is presented as detailed charts and graphs that can be exported and shared.

The app also displays the days when the chances of conceiving are the highest. Women can enter intimacy data to time it correctly. They will also be notified about the day they need to take a pregnancy test.

* All the significant dates for the entire month are displayed in a simple and native calendar view.

Gender Prediction: The app uses the Shettles and Whelan methods to calculate the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl

Pregnancy Information: Due date calculation along with valuable insights into the baby’s developmental milestones

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