Before You Look for a PG Place, Follow These Important Steps

The increased rental incomes have given rise to good number of paying guest accommodations (PG) in India. Today, you can find hundreds and thousands of PG places in each city. However, before finalizing the deal you must make sure that the accommodation or the hostel you move-in is safe and sound, near to the place of your employment, easily accessible by all modes of transportation and in close proximity to all essential utilities. Here are the other important steps to be followed before concluding the transaction for PG –

Select the verified PG Place

The monthly rentals and security deposit should not be the only criteria for selecting a PG accommodation or hostel. You must give equal importance to the authenticity of the place, locality, facilities and home rules. It is therefore best to search for PG / hostels on reliable web portals like before confirming the place you would want to move-in. This site hosts thousands of paying guest accommodation in Navi Mumbai, hostels in Dombivali, Thane, Kalyan, etc. What’s best, all properties listed on this site are physically verified and their documents are thoroughly scrutinized by its super data collectors before going live, thereby ensuring hassle-free transaction for you. It also provides the minutest of property information including the amenities, costs involved, house rules and real pictures, ratings on lifestyle, locality and complete information on essential services.

Ensure that the accommodation you choose has all the required licenses and permissions

You must always do your due diligence before paying the security money and signing on the dotted lines. One of the important steps is to examine all the required licenses of your PG before authorizing the contract. This is critical because the accommodation can be sealed by the local authorities during the course of your tenure, if the landlord does not possess required permissions. It is advisable to take help of designated lawyer or property experts from credible online real estate portals like which has newly launched new brand Look Up to scrutinize these documents as the PG regulations differ from one state to another. Even within the same state or city, guidelines may defer depending on the rules and regulations laid down by native municipal authorities. This basically implies that pg in Navi Mumbai can have different set of procedures as compared to pg in Dombivli as both of these are governed by different civic establishments.

House rules of the PG that you select must suit your needs

The next thing that you must be comfortable with before selecting the PG is its rules. Most places have strict rules with regards to food, guardian and the time till which you can stay out. In case you are a working professional with late night job timings, you must make sure that your PG provides flexible timings to suit your needs.

PG and hostels must be accessible by all modes of transportation

The other significant factor to be considered real estate before finalizing the place of your PG / hostels is transportation. The place of your stay should have good connectivity by both train as well as bus and must be easily accessible.