Pizza Boronia Specials And Deliveries

Melbourne is home to one of the finest pizzerias in Victoria. This, of course, is Bubba Pizza Boronia which is known for its delicious pies and mouth-watering appetizers. Whether in the mood for seafood, beef, or veggie toppings, your choices are simply unlimited. These pizzeria experts also specialize in customized pies for all occasion and events. With fast delivery times and daily discounts on pizzas, now is the right time to order and experience the wonderful tastes.

The Bubba Experience

With Bubba Pizza Boronia, you are always guaranteed piping hot pizzas and great services. In fact, the store offers daily specials and discounts for all new and existing customers. They also continue to receive great reviews and offer a variety of other foods as well. This includes salads, beverages, desserts, and much more. Whether in the mood for a single slice or an extra large pie, these pizzas are made to perfection by great cooks that love what they do.


The gourmet pizzas are incredibly delicious and feature a wide array of scrumptious toppings and styles. Thick and thin crusts are also available, along with refreshing beverages and soft drinks. The gourmet pizzas menu includes:

Premium Seafood and Prawns

* Tandoor Chicken

* Peri Peri Chicken

* Pesto Chicken

* Falafel Toppings

* Spiced Lamb

* Avocado and Chicken

All pizza Boronia gourmet pies include mozzarella and tomato base unless otherwise mentioned. Gluten free toppings and pizzas are also available. Toppings and mix and match include onions, jalapenos, bell peppers, hamburger, sausage, anchovies and much more. Customers can also request customized pizzas with any topping they desire. From family events and holidays to corporate brunches, Bubba Pizza is guaranteed to make taste buds dazzle.

Traditional Pies

Bubba Pizza Boronia also offers traditional pies for one and all. These pizzas feature salami, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, beef, chicken, bacon and other favorites. International selections include Indian, Hawaiian, Mexican, and Aussie style pies. Whether in the mood for domestic or international favorites, Bubba has it all. Simply check the online menu to place your order or visit the physical establishment.

Fresh pizza pies are made and served daily. The store also features delicious salads, pastas, chips, schnitzel and tantalizing desserts. Customers simply need to check the website and add any items they want for delivery. They can also order from any phone and enjoy indoor dining at its best. The staff keeps all food fresh and hot until your arrival. Cold desserts and sodas or power drinks are placed on ice and in refrigerators as well.

Pizzerias are a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whether for rugby and football games to cricket, you can also enjoy wonderful pies while watching all your favorite sporting events. Bubba is also the perfect solution for last minute guests and spur of the moment parties and events. Catering is also available but should be requested well in advance to ensure timely deliveries or pick up.

If you love pizza and want to try new toppings and specials, Bubba will truly meet all your needs. This popular pizzeria has been featured in the news and continues to offer the best pies and appetizers for one and all. For more information, simply check out the website and place your orders today. You can also take advantage of daily specials or place bulk orders for family and business events. At Bubba Pizza Boronia, you are guaranteed a culinary experience of a lifetime.

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