Planning the perfect Suffolk barn wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of pressure. There tends to be a lot of money at stake, a lot of saving which has lead to that moment, and there is also going to be all your nearest and dearest there which mean that not only will all eyes be on you and what you are wearing, there will also be a lot of people to keep happy so you need to do a whole heap of planning.


In recent years Suffolk barn weddings have become more and more popular as fewer people are choosing church weddings. This is not necessarily indicative of a move away from faith though, and often people will marry in a church before holding the reception in a wedding barn or a hotel. There tends to be a lot of businesses offering a wedding service because people are becoming more and more keen on this an option.

When you are looking at Suffolk barn weddings one of the most important things for you to do is to plan the wedding itself and this means that you will have to book your wedding venue nice and early. These are often booked up more than a year in advance of the actual date, and as weddings are often held on a Saturday in the summer months, these will be particularly busy and therefore you might want to book even earlier. This is even more important if you have got your heart set on a particular venue. If you are not too fussy and you’re just looking at Suffolk barn weddings in general then you will have a little bit more leeway and you could even do a bit of negotiation.

Make sure you know what your budget is before you get started because as you are likely to know, weddings are not a cheap business. There’s lots of costs to cover and if you know how much you have to spend then you are more likely to remain within your budget or maybe even underneath this. The more research you can do, the easier all the planning will be. Set figures for how much you can spend on each area, from the dress to the catering, the venue to the entertainment. Everything will add up but if you know how much you have to realistically spend in each area then it’s much more likely to go smoothly.

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