Play 3DS Games on PC with 3DS Emulator

We all know how popular Nintendo’s 3DS console is, there is no doubt about it. But if you ever wanted to play these 3ds games on your PC you can do it with 3DS Emulator really easy. we are going to give you a short guide about how it works and where you can download it.

Interesting thing is that even though some of you that own 3ds console , you will want to play this with emulator because it looses nothing on quality and adds a lot of things. This emulator was in testing phase for a long time and it was released somewhere around end of last year for public. At this time , we have a version that works on most desktop computers and some stronger laptops.

Some interesting features are that you do not have to instal it anymore , just extract and run it. Latest version now supports so many popular games such as Pokemon X and Y and others. It is also updated automatically and you get new version and plugins every time you run it, how cool is that. e3DSx emulator is now free for download , even though the full version was somewhere around $12 when it was released , you can now enjoy it for Free! If you used this emulator before you will notice some changes , mainly to UI and plugins. Some will also get increase in FPS.

If you used other 3ds emulators you will notice that in this emulator you do not need BIOS at all , it is now integrated in CPU plugin. Just set it up with your config and you are ready to go!

So how do you download and run this emulator. Firstly , go to official emulator website at and download the archive. Extract it where you want and run, you will be prompted to update , do so if it asks. Then go to plugins and download them as well , whole process is automatic. Then , set it up to your configuration and it will do the rest, you can now load your 3ds roms and play! It has an option to optimize for quality for for performance, most of the time if you have good PC you can go with quality.

So that’s it , if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or submit a support ticket at Emulator Spot. Have fun !

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