Play games, earn money

A bit ago, we published and interesting article about games money making. Many people ask around if it is truly possible to make some money, while playing games. Actually it is! And if you’re a dedicated gamer, you have many different options. So what are your options, if you choose that kind of life or at least extra money making.

  • make money while playing in tournaments or on-line competittions
  • play games, record videos about your playing and publish them on youtube – if you have lots of followers, you can earn with adds
  • receive extra game awards, that are being sold for real money – of course if you’re good enough
  • get an invite to some local or even international TV show; such things can be paid really well in some occasions
  • write articles, solutions, cheats and game reviews for popular games and try earning with adds or maybe even some magazine or news paper will pay you for your articles


Check this and many other videos about this theme and start earning some good cash.