Play Xbox 360 games on PC

With the release of new xbox360 emulator you can enjoy all your favorite Xbox 360 games on PC. As you all know Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world , but emulation is a new trend these last few years and many players are switching from the actual console to emulators.

We all know older emu software like SNES , NES , SEGA and the newer ones like PS2 , Wii U , and Nintendo DS emulators. Today , we have several working attempts on high end consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360 but a lot of them are very low quality and poor performance. The new PCX360 emulator is developed as a joint project of many developers that worked on earlier project and seams like the best attempt so far. At this moment it can run several very performance demanding games such as GTA 5.

For some of you that are not up to date , PCX360 is quite new project , and many have failed to find it even though there are plenty of videos running around the youtube where people show how they play GTA V or HALO 4 with it. At this moment version 4 is available with many new features including new and revamped UI. Some previous project required BIOS to run while this emulator is free of this and there is no need to download it. Most of the time it comes equiped with everything you need , including plugins and other settings that are pre-made and ready to go for most PC’s. All you need to do is load the .iso or other format of your Xbox 360 game and start it. It will then load all needed settings and prompt if there is anything missing. It comes with frequent updates as well so you should update when it asks you to ,since new versions have many improvements such as new games support and increased frame rate.

If you want to mess with the settings (not recommended) you can improve your FPS , but i advise you stick with defaults , it works just fine. We tested it on GTA 5 and other similar games and it ran with around 55 fps most of the time , but with slight drops in gunfights and other areas where high performance is needed, but you can always switch to performance mode and run it with less quality but more FPS. If you want to download this Xbox 360 emulator you can do so at official page at : and if you have any problems leave them a message , they always respond within few days

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