Polycarbonate Panels – Versatility Redefined

polycarbonatepanelsPolycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic polymer. Polycarbonate panels are manufactured using a substance that is known as Bisphenol A. These panels are often used as substitutes for glass and acrylic. The name polycarbonate is derived from the fact that these are actually polymers that contain groups of carbon.

Characteristics of Polycarbonate Panels:

  1. Can be molded into desired shapes
  2. Very durable and extremely hard to break. Shatterproof.
  3. Light in weight. This makes them easy to transport, handle and install.
  4. Polycarbonate panels have a very high impact resistance – up to 200 times more than the impact resistance of tempered glass!
  5. Can be recycled – eco-friendly!
  6. They are bad conductors of heat. This helps in preventing fire accidents.
  7. Can withstand harsh weather. Panels do not turn yellow in color when exposed to bright sunlight.

Uses of polycarbonate panels: Polycarbonate is more durable than plastic and cheaper than glass. Thus, it has a multitude of applications. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Used in the production of UV-protective sun-glasses.
  2. Many models of mobile phones such as the Nokia Lumia, N9 and Apple’s iPhone 5c feature polycarbonate panels.
  3. For manufacturing bullet proof windows and wind-shields of security vehicles.
  4. Widely used in the production of electronic components as they are strong, durable and bad conductors of heat and electricity.
  5. Panels are often installed in patios, verandas and terraces for providing protection against UV rays, bright sunlight, rain and snow. They are also installed over swimming pools and parking places for vehicles.
  6. Very popular for fencing purposes. They provide a very solid barrier that is almost indestructible.
  7. Used in the production of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays etc.
  8. Used for building sound walls and display signs.
  9. These panels are used by farmers and ranch owners to build energy-saving green houses and also for constructing buildings and structures for storing seeds, hay, agricultural produce etc. These panels are often seen at horse stables, cow farms and barns.
  10. You can use the panels not just for roofing, but also as side walls. Semi opaque panels provide warmth as well as sunlight.
  11. Can be used to decorate homes, for separating or dividing rooms, as brackets, in kitchen cabinets, for making showcases, skylights etc. There are literally thousands of applications.

Types of polycarbonate panels

There are a variety of polycarbonate panels to suit virtually all requirements. They are available in various colors such as blue, red, amber, yellow, green etc. Panels can be transparent, semi opaque or opaque and the surface can be corrugated or smooth. They can be glazed to enhance their aesthetic appearance and also for increasing their durability. Panels are also specially glazed to prepare them to withstand hurricanes, bullets, flames and so on.

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