Popular Breakfast Foods around the World

In different parts of the world, people eat drastically different breakfasts. But, that is neither very striking, nor surprising.

What is very striking, as well as surprising, is the fact that even thousands of miles apart, in many parts of the world, people eat pretty much similar foods to start their day.


There is no single breakfast menu that is followed all over China. However, most Chinese people like to start their day with a combo of dim sum and hot soup, or fried dough stick and soya milk. In Eastern China, a breakfast plate can contain a variety of items, including porridge, dumpling, custard bun, and fried sponge cake.



The French do not generally eat salty items, like egg and meat, in the morning. They savor the flavor of sweet offerings. Typically, a cup of coffee with croissant, or baguette, is consumed. However, some may like to use tea, or juice, instead of coffee. The combo of bread and butter is considered as a very popular breakfast item all over the country, and people are often found dipping their buttered bread in coffee.


In Poland, two types of breakfast rule. The first one consists of scrambled egg with topping of kielbasa, which is a kind of sausage. It includes potato pancakes, as well. The second type involves bread rolls offered with cheese, jam, butter, chocolate, or some other spread.


Just like the French, the Italians like to keep their breakfast light. In many parts of Italy people eat a milked coffee cup with sliced bread, and nothing else. Others like to use brioche, stuffed using chocolate or spread with flavorful jam, instead of plain bread. As far as choice of coffee goes, cappuccino is the favorite.


In Japan, the locals take the traditional route in the morning, filling their plates with steamed rice, miso soup, Japanese pickle, and fish or omelet. The more westernized folks, however, like to start their day with buttered toast, coffee, egg, and potato salad.


In Brazil, people can be found munching on a type of local cheese bread, called Pao de Queijo, along with drinking a cup of fresh coffee. Their coffee is often strong, with lots of milk in it.


The English, typically, like to include egg, bacon, mushroom, cooked tomato, and bean in their morning meal, with their favorite kind of sausage.


In India, lots of different breakfasts coexist. Toward the Southern part, people like to start their day with either Dosa, a kind of flat bread stuffed with vegetables, or with a combo of Idli and Sambar. In Central India, however, most can be found eating Uttapam with Chutney. Uttapam is a kind of thick pancake having vegetables.


The Turkish breakfast is an utter delight, with items such as olive and honey. Other things include bread, jam, and cheese. A large number of Turkish people like to eat fresh fruit during the morning, too.

Can I make these popular Breakfast Foods at home?

Yes. It is now possible to make some of these delicious international breakfast foods at your own home, thanks to popular recipe blogs online. Just Google it and you can find plenty of recipe blogs that features popular recipes from different parts of the world.

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The above breakfast samples are only the tip of the iceberg. The world is too vast a place for us to be able to include the breakfast habits of all the people in it! But you can always use our comment form below to add other international breakfast foods from other countries not listed above.


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