The idea of potluck has been with us for a very long time even as many people do not seem to be aware of the concept. The first popular mention would be in Thomas Nashe’s work where the concept was described as the provision of food for unexpected guest. It subsequently evolved to mean different people bringing different dishes to the event with every participant getting the opportunity to have their share of all the dishes brought to the table. In actual fact, Irish women back then would come together with every participant bringing different ingredients to be cooked together in one pot.


Potluck events are particularly popular for being dinners with friends, religious groups, and other such associations organising a somewhat get-together with everyone bringing different dishes to be shared by everyone. This is a way of strengthening the bond that exists between the participants.

Even as beneficial as potlucks can be, it is not surprising for such events to end up as failure usually due to some mistakes and challenges that could have been avoided. One of the many obstacles that have been identified is the lack of effective communication between the host and guests or participants as the case may be.


Thankfully, the internet and technology in general has made our lives a lot easier and even as it concerns organising potlucks. One platform that has been able to make the organisation of such events a lot easier, more fun, and interesting is Potluck Buddies.

The stress and wastage associated with having potlucks can be significantly reduced using this free and mobile-friendly platform. While some people groan about the stress involved in making the food, others complain about the waste of resources especially when too much of a particular food is brought to the event. All these can be rightly linked to the lack of effective communication and with themed potlucks coming on-board; it has become even more important for groups, families and communities to communicate even more effectively to ensure a successful potluck.

As mentioned earlier, the communication aspect of organising a successful potluck is effectively handled with the platform as guests and hosts are able to exchange ideas and communicate effectively towards the success of the event thanks to the many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and SMS that allow the every participant communicate better.

The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows everybody and anybody has their say and uses it. This effectively means that everyone involved is up to date with the latest developments as regards the potluck and suggestions can be made even on the go as the platform is also mobile friendly.

The host also gets the opportunity of creating a personal website which allows for easy organisation of the potluck with guests and participants being able to join this network. This organisation is particularly helpful for persons that would fancy a themed potluck.

All these features put together would ensure that the organisation of the potluck is easier and the event subsequently becomes a success. All in all, the love and fun can be better shared and enjoyed thanks to the “magic” of Potluck Buddies.

Website: http://www.potluckbuddies.com/

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