Six best practices for selecting packing equipment

Floowing are few key points need to keep in your mind when buying coil packaging machine:


  1. Know your product before order. The tip we heard the most, from both suppliers and end users was that you must understand the all your need in tolerance and detail of the package requirement itself and then finding the material

Tolerance meets to the machine. You must completely understand all the geometry,

tolerances, and measurements of your product before you starting to order a machine.

For example:

Width, ID, OD, Weight, Nature. Often, packagers don’t take into account the type of product and balance the application torque and removal torque required by the consumer.

  1. Consider both the consumer and the coil packaging machine. Because the packing machine has

to interface with both. Consider the size of the packing object from both packing and conveyor way. How to move the object away after packing? The geometry of the package must be considered first, and then you should explore the type of packing system you need to deliver the object to the packing machine.


  1. How will the product design interface with the coil packaging machine function?

Before you consider doing good packing your objects, you must know the specifications including height, diameter, weight of the part versus the width of the part, as well as the weight bias, to determine if it will pack well, or at all. You must look at this in a very carefully way; you must know what the natural tendency of a part is before you packing it. It’s critical to know how the packing machine design will interface with the machine function. Once you know the natural tendencies of a part, you can assist those tendencies through the design of your machinery, and you will achieve more reliable operation when packing and handling. Make sure that the design of the packing is compatible with what’s typically available in the way of orientation equipment.


  1. Consider future product flexibility. Like any other coil packaging machine, try to anticipate future needs. Packing machines may need to be able to deal with a variety of different types of product over time. Over the years, Packing designs and applications have become increasingly complex. So you need to make comprehensive consideration before choosing packing machine.


  1. The need for packaging speed. Think about and calculated what is of packaging speed are required to meet your current fastest production speed, and discuss with your team if you need a respond ability to deal with higher-speed possibility in near further.


  1. Induced failure testing. Deliberately pack object in the wrong way. This is known as the packaging induced failure testing. It is one of part to trying to simulate what will happen on the third shift. As you know operators may be tired, left, or not as aware of their surroundings. What happens if products and material packed in the wrong way? If operators operate the packaging in wrong way, will that break the packing machinery or not safety for operator? It is better to find out all possible problems before you place a order.