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wordpress video theme

Videoboard theme is feature rich wordpress video theme which you can use to build website with video content for any purpose. There are multiple designs to choose from and it’s easy for everyone to use. Depending on type of website which you would like to build, it can be membership type of website or just simple video gallery site

Membership System is one of the best features within the theme and it can be used to charge users for premium membership. There can be two types of packages, free and paid. Free membership can be used to offer only basic features to registered members and paid to allow more options for their account. Videos can be limited to users with free or paid package, but they can be blocked for guests as well

Banner management is another great option where admin can choose for which type of users ads will be shown. Ads can be set to show to free/paid members only or just for guest (users who are not registered). Banners can be displayed in places like sidebar, header, on top or bottom of video page and so on

Video Upload option will allow members to upload their own videos from submission page. It’s ajax upload page which shows progress bar while video is being uploaded together with other video description fields. Thumbnail is generated automatically for video if hosting supports ffmpeg. From admin panel you can also upload and generate thumbnails for self-hosted videos

Video Import allows you to quickly import videos from popular video websites like youtube, vimeo and vk. There is search and import feature in admin which will automatically display related videos for used keyword. With this option you can import hundreds of videos which are relevant to the website content in few minutes

Other features included in this wordpress video theme:

  • Private messages system
  • Report videos
  • Add videos to favorites
  • Video rating (like/dislike)
  • Related videos
  • Homepage slider object
  • Homepage videos showcase object
  • Layout control
  • Multiple video players
  • Themes colors customization
  • Order manager
  • E-mails manager

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