Promoted Tweets vs. @Replies: Which is Better?

SocialCentiv outlines the benefits of two popular means of engaging with prospects on Twitter.

When it comes to Twitter marketing, many question whether there is one process that supersedes all. According to SocialCentiv a Dallas based Twitter Marketing tool both Promoted Tweets and @replies can serve an important purpose for businesses in facilitating more effective engagement with potential customers on the top ranked social network. However, @replies provide more one-on-one interaction, which typically yields more effective engagement. In a recent article, the company offers a breakdown of the specific pros and cons of each.

Maximizing Twitter Marketing Opportunities

As stated by the SocialCentiv team, “Both the Promoted Tweet and the @reply have the potential to be extremely powerful marketing tools.” Whether one should be a preferential option for some depends on what one’s goals are. The company notes that with Promoted Tweets, a mass number of users can be reached at a time “relevant by interest or location.” The team further states, “This drives awareness for your business and can potentially bring in new customers.”

When it comes to the use of @replies, with which one is responding to another Twitter user, SocialCentiv says “The beauty of the @reply when it comes to Twitter marketing is that it allows you to engage with users in a one-on-one fashion, allowing you to tailor your message to them and creating better grounds for establishing relationships with current and potential customers.”

The latter solution enables businesses to find quality potential customers and raise awareness about their offerings in a word of mouth fashion. It also typically proves to be more cost efficient for businesses with small budgets.

About SocialCentiv

SocialCentiv is a self-serve application that small businesses can use to increase their engagement on Twitter. With SocialCentiv, businesses can find new customers on Twitter with the use of intelligent software developed with intent-based marketing in mind. The software scours through the massive number of active conversations taking place in real time on the popular social network and signals out conversations that are relevant to one’s business and joins in. SocialCentiv is currently offering a 7-day free trial for businesses who would like to test drive the platform and see first-hand what benefits can be provided to them.