PS4 isn’t Just for Games

If you are an owner of PS4, than you probably know it isn’t all about the games. PlayStation 4 is, just like Xbox One, a next gen console and it includes more features than any previous game station. Browsing the web, watching the videos on Netflix or listening the music on Pandora are some of them. But isn’t PS4 originally designed for games? Did Sony miss something when published a game console with features similar to PCs, laptops, tablets or any other modern device? Let’s see some features not characteristically used on gaming devices, PS4 in this case, and simultaneously the drawbacks of these.

The first thing that catches the eye is Flash support. Although broadcasting services like Youtube are turning to HTML5 to provide the video streaming support, this technology is still in beta, and it isn’t fully developed to cover all the possible devices yet. Sony got stuck on this since the Playstation Support officially states that they “do not have information on any future plans regarding the inclusion of Flash in the PS4’s web browser”. They recommend using the mobile version of website to provide better browsing experience.

Some positive aspects of PS4, next to games, are listening online music services like Pandora or Spotify, watching movies on Netflix, and sharing gameplay with friends on Twitch. It is not difficult to set up those services on PS4. Pandora and Spotify are easily accessible via installed web browser. Watching Netflix outside US can be difficult since it’s restricted for most countries. You can bypass Netflix protection by changing the IP address when accessing it. This can be done by using paid DNS and VPNs. Cheap VPN cost few dollars per month, the speed and bandwidth are almost inexhaustible. Netflix monthly plans start at $7.99 and it’s not about saving the money, but to accessing it without issues.

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