Qualities and experience needed to become a makeup artist

A successful beautician knows what he is doing, and will be able to give a quick and efficient look that he has been paid to produce. You should be able to quickly understand a person’s skin type, complexion and facial contour and what look best on them. An experienced makeup artist is one who can create a look with the accurate colors and suitable textures created specifically for the client’s skin type and complexion. If you have a desire to use your skills and creativity and have a good eye for ever-changing trends in the field of art and beauty, you should consider becoming a full-time beautician. Following are some skills and qualities you require to build a successful career in the makeup industry. When you do graduate ensure that you protect your business with adequate make up artist insurance

Qualifications and Licensing

Cosmetologists must have at least a GED test cleared or a high school diploma. Most have also completed several other college courses or earned an additional certificate in cosmetics to expand their specialties. Some jobs require you to have an authentic license, but the licensing requirements may vary from state to state or in your country. Most countries require that you should have at least 1,000 hours spent in education and a written exam to be passed.

Before the Makeup

Even before picking up a brush or a sponge, a makeup artist should learn some essential skills. They must learn to judge the skin type of the client, including the color, complexion and sensitivity. Learning the principles of appropriate color, texture and sensitivity is a complex skill that depends on race, ethnicity and various shades of skin color. Makeup artists also have to learn the bone structure of the client to determine where and how to apply the types of makeup to achieve the desired results.

Tools of the Trade

Professional makeup artists use many tools i.e. brushes, sponges and high technology airbrushes for a wide range of makeup types. Beauty experts learn the uses for many types of brushes and the advantages and disadvantages of practicing them for various kinds of makeup. Some beauticians are also specialized in covering the imperfections of tattoos with airbrushing. Make-up artist working in the theater use more makeup techniques to get the perfect appearance of a character using wigs, beards, eyelashes and prosthetic parts of the body.

Marketing is the key

In today’s digital world, social marketing is the key when it comes to business. Nowadays no business is considered well established without its strong social presence and it is quite true as social networks have a great influence on people’s life. Approximately 1.86 billion people have active accounts only on Facebook!!!

If you want to be more successful in the makeup industry, you should have a strong social presence in the real world as well as on the Internet. Choose different social platforms for your business and self-promotion. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon are some of the most popular platforms used by approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide.

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