Quick Tips on Laser Cutter Technology

Laser cutting technology offers users the ability to quiet literally cut through any type of material i.e. wood, acrylic, stone, plastic, leather and even steel. Through the use of a powerfully focused laser beam you can cleanly and precisely cut through most materials at a comparatively fast rate of speed. Laser cutter companies like http://www.bosslaser.com for example will offer a various array of laser cutters at different price points depending on the size and power output.

Laser cutting will often use fiber or CO2 gas within a sealed metal or glass laser tube. Electricty causes atoms and electrons to be excited within that tube before it finally emits through a lens onto a piece of material. The process can be considered a subtractive manufacturing literally burns or vaporizes through that material or by dialing down the power or upping the speed you can also laser  etch, engrave, or mark a digitalized image or design using any number of file formats onto any given
sheet of material.

Through the use of a pc or laptop you can use a graphics program like CorelDRAW, AutoCAD or Photoshop to name a few to draft up your design. Some laser machines will have drivers to accomodate that graphics software so you can print directly to the laser or you simply migrate the graphics program to the laser interface and print from there. The great news is that you can literally ‘print’ and then laser engrave or cut almost any design you can get a hold of.

How thick of material can a laser cutter cut through? That is easy. The depth of cut is proportionate to the power of the tube. The laser tubes power is measured in watts. The popular glass tubes range in size depending on the power. Smaller laser tubes are shorter while a 180W laser tube can be around 6′ long and cut through 3/4″ wood or acrylic with great precision.

Laser cutters also come in various platform sizes as well. I would advise not buying anything less than a 12×12″ platform size. One of the more popular sizes are 16×30″ or 4×8′. The bigger the platform the more flexibility you have with material sizes.

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  • Rick says:

    Good review of this laser cutter…I’ve reviewed various laser cutting retailers in U.S. and very impressed with the ‘bang for your buck’ with Boss Laser right now.

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