Radiator Covers

If you don’t want or cannot afford brand new radiators then a radiator cover could be just what you are looking for. Radiator covers can be used to make your existing radiators appear more attractive or to make the radiator appear less obtrusive. They can also be used to protect radiators in a public space.

A common belief is that by adding a radiator guard to your radiator that it makes it more difficult to remove build ups of dust, but the DeepClean Radiator Guard from Contour Casings has been specifically designed for environments in which regular and comprehensive internal cleaning is mandatory. The casing can be removed and placed on the floor, allowing for easy access for cleaning and no need to call for estates personnel, dramatically improving daily efficiencies, reducing operating costs and raising hygiene standards. The open hinge arrangement facilitates complete front door removal if required.

With the fear of so called ‘superbugs’ in hospitals, the ability to reassure client wellbeing is more important than ever. Superior cleaning of common place items such as radiator covers means that clients can rest assured that they are being treated in a clean and sterile environment. BioCote silver-based anti-microbial powder coating inside and out of the radiator cover inhibits the growth and distribution of bacteria, providing a safe, effective and long lasting solution to harmful bacteria and infection, such as MRSA, E.coli and H1N1.

Available floor mounted or wall mounted, and in both a flat top and gradient top, the one-piece construction of the Contour Casings’ DeepClean Radiator Cover removes the need for site assembly, reducing installation time, costs, disruption and debris. The slimline yet robust design minimises loss of floor space while still delivering a strong product. Floor fixings further enhance the structural integrity of the guard.

If you are looking for a more simple traditional option, a classic Radiator Guard, manufactured from 1.5mm steel, is extremely robust and is suitable for use in even the most demanding of environments. Each radiator guard has a large hinged access door, delivering quick access to internal valves and controls for both maintenance and cleaning. The doors also facilitate cleaning to the guard interior as required.

But if you need a radiator cover that has to meet up to specific details then Contour Casings Bespoke options means that the product can be altered to best suit your requirements. The design team at Contour Casings promises to work closely with the client to develop a product that fully satisfies all design criteria in ways which can be adapted to stretch well beyond standard products.

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