Ram and Seetha

Deivam Thandha Veedu The episode begins with Ram and Seetha, Ram brings Seetha’s eyes tied up with a cloth holding her hand. Everybody in his house seems happy to see Ram holding her hand. Sumithra, Paatti, Chitra were all ready for Seetha’s birthday. The kids also welcomed her for the party. But Priya seems very irritated to see this celebration. Ram lights up a candle and hands over to Seetha, Seetha lights up her birthday candle. Priya’s mother acting happily and sings a the happy birthday song, but its so weird for others and everybody started looking at Priya’s mom.

Chitra asked her shockingly whether its Seetha’s birthday and the complete crowd was shocked. Bhanumathi, was looking skeptical and Patti tells her that its Krishna Jayanthi, but Bhanumathi unknowingly told that today is Seetha’s birthday. Everybody started wishing her and asks her why she didn’t inform them about her birthday. Seetha’s brother-in-law also wishes her and says how lucky she is. Everyone starts questioning Bhanumathi that why didn’t she informs them about Seetha’s birthday. Bhanumathi somewhat tackles everyone. Paatti asks seethawhy she also didn’t inform them. Suddenly Seetha starts crying and she told that today is also her father’s death anniversary and so she don’t want to celebrate her birthday.

She keeps on crying thinking about her parents, she feels that her parents demise has happened on her birthday so she says that she can’t be happy and telling this she cries and went inside. Chitra, asks the kids to play outside and tells them that she will call them later.
Paatti calls Chitra to console Seetha, but Chitra says no for that and she questions Bhanumathi about her parents demise. Chitra also agrees for the same and questions Bhanumathi about who have told this to her. Bhanumathi shocks to hear this and told that Seetha knows this before itself and she also says that Seetha used to cry every year like this. Chitra threatens her.
Ram asks Seetha that why she is crying and she wrote the reason as Amma, Appa. Priya and her Mother talking to each other through their face reaction. Bhanumathi speaks in her mind voice. Priya scolds her mother thay why she wished on her birthday. Bhanumathi asked Priya that why she didn’t inform her. For that Priya said that Chitra send her for some work. Bhanumathi says that at any point in time everybody should aware of it. Priya and her mother were sitting silently.
Chitra and Sumithra were discussing about Seetha’s birthday and they both wanted to plan for her birthday celebration. They thought about PRiya and Bhanumathi and to tease they were searching for both of them.
Ram consoles Seetha and calls her to go for outing but she doesn’t agree to him.Chitra and Sumithra came to meet Priya and her mother. They were talking and that time Ram calls his mom and says that Ram wants to take his wife for an outing. Chitra and Sumithra were happy to hear from Ram.
Ram and Seetha, went to beach to spend some time. They both were standing separately without talking to each other. Ram started talking to Seetha and asked her to share her sorrows. Seetha still cries and the episode ends.
The episode begins with Ram and Seetha, They were discussing the things happened. Ram asked Seetha to share her problems, so that he can support her. But Seetha keep on crying. She says that she knows that her parents expired on the day of her birthday today, so she says that she is not happy to tell everyone about her birthday. Ram consoles her and he made her to stop crying. Ram advices Seetha to forget everything and to be happy. But Seetha feels very bad thinking about her parents. Ram continue to console her and hugs her to make her comfortable. He says that he will always be there for her. They both stood their for sometime hugging each other.
At night Priya, Chitra, Sumithra, Bhanumathi and Paatti were sitting in the hall and everybody was worried that they both didn’t turned up. So Sumithra asked Chitra to call Ram and check. But he didn’t pick up the call. Bhanumathi started acting as if she cares for them. Chitra as usual starts embarrassing her.

Ram and Seetha arrives home, while coming he advices Seetha tobe happy always. So that the entire family will also be happy seeing her.
They entered the house it was completely dark, Ramwent to switch on the light and the complete house decorated for Seetha’s birthday and everyone starts singing happy birthday song. Seetha feels emotional and Chitra comes their made her comfortable and the cake cutting begins. Bhanumathi comes with a mask on her face and surprises Seetha. Seetha got blessing from Bhanumathi. Priya also did the samething. Seetha cuts the cake and everybody seems happy for it. Seetha was thinking to whom the first piece of cake should be given, the little kid asked her to give it to Ram and she did the same. Everybody was happy, except Priya and Bhanumathi. Ram also wants to feed the cake to Priya. Everybody was silent and happily smiling. Seetha gives the cake to Paatti, Chitra and so on… Bhanumathi poses for the photo and she says that she is very happy for the occasion and leaves with Priya.
Seetha give cake to the kids and they all were happily eating and started talking about something happened in the past. She told this as a very long story and the kids also were very keen to listen to her story. Sumithra, praises her for Seetha’s act. The kids started asking more snacks to eat. From a long distance Ram was enjoying Seetha’s play with the kids. Chitra watches this but didn’t disturbs him. She was actually happy for it. She talks to Ram and Ram was also happy for Seetha. Chitra thanks Ram for keeping Seetha happy. The emotion between them flows.
Bhanumathi came out with a bag and she thanks everyone and she says she wants to leave. Take a good bye from everyone. The kids also wanted to leave, Sumithra gives the chocolate to the kids and they leaves the house. Chitra comes with a present to Seetha and she asked her to open it. It was necklace, Seetha was happy. But Priya is not at all happy with this. Sumithra also gifts her something and the episode ends in Priya’s angry face.

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