Reasons for Setting Up a Corporate Intranet System in Your Business

social_intranetA business organization may set up a corporate intranet system for many varied reasons. This article will break down some of them.

Cut costs.

This is the first on the list and many agree to it. The intranet is a private network or internal website that enables workers and executives to communicate securely through several communication tools in the system. Even while working offsite, workers are able to call and discuss issues and projects over the internet through chat, forum, email or video calls. This capability eliminates the need to make phone calls or travel to the office. Telephone bills and travel expenses are dramatically diminished with the intranet.

Moreover, the intranet acts as the company library where a huge repository of documents and files are available for all authorized users. The intranet creates a paperless environment where the workspace can be transferred to the system so that all members of the team can work on the same projects at the same time.

Quick updates.

With most of the company’s communication happening on the website, such as forums, newsfeeds and emails, dissemination of information is much faster and more convenient. A click of a button can send group emails to all workers and publish company updates on the intranet’s homepage. This eliminates unnecessary printing, posting on bulletin boards and handing out newsletters and other publications. Such tasks can be done on the intranet system more quickly.


People are more productive when they have what they need to accomplish tasks. The intranet does just that. It provides immediate support to workers through its accessible repository of information, productivity tools and applications. A worker can go to the company’s website and get the information he needs to a get things done. For instance, he may need to have the company’s organizational structure to use in a feasibility study. Instead of going to his colleague’s or boss’ office to ask for it, he can easily log in to the system and get the said information. This way, he can accomplish more work in a day with a great support system such as the intranet.

Improved presentations.

Presenting products or services to prospective clients can be very stressful when you are not in your office or at a place where there is adequate equipment to work on. If you meet a client at a restaurant, you can immediately give a business presentation on the spot by accessing your account at the intranet and getting the presentation saved in the database. Moreover, the intranet also features rich formats so that presentations can be shown in any multimedia formats to impress your client.

With such great reasons to set up a corporate intranet cms system, the entire organization will greatly benefit from it and employees will look forward to the next workday to be able to use the system for their tasks.

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