Recette+, share your food experience

Recette+ (Recetteplus or R+) was launched few weeks earlier.

Named “The Recipe Social Network” too, its philosophy is: Recipes are made to be shared.

It is free.



Recette+ is a social network for food and recipes.

This website is unique using its social graph design, technology and function. It’s different from all existing websites for food or recipes.

Users can comfortably communicate about all their food life (photos, recipes, posts and others functions).

They can consult, create and share recipes with their friends. A recipe is very easy to create, and the recipe search engine can search for accurate results using accurate criteria.


You understand that recipes are not given by Recette+, but they are added by the users. Thus the quantity of recipes of this website has an unlimited potential.

The best photos and recipes have a place in the news feed of the home page.


An introduction video: